Remark about Weiliang XU208 daughter board

The new Weiliang XMOS XU208 may not fit with Weiliang ES9018DAC because it’s too big. Either removing balanced outputs or stacking more pins under it are needed. 


Reset TV Box/Tablet Bios (Intel)

BIOS of Intel Atom Tablet or TV Box are poorly design. You can soft brick if config BIOS incorrectly. Assuming that you are not disable USB port. You could connect USB keyboard to device and enter BIOS. Although it wouldn’t show anything on screen. This is how you might able to un-brick your device. In my case, I soft bricked my Chinese made Intel X5-z8300 TV Box.

  1. Hit “Del” repeatedly about 5-10 sec to enter BIOS. Wait for another 5-10 sec before proceed
  2. Press “F3” then “Enter” (Load Optimized Defaults)
  3. Press “F4” then “Enter” (Save & Exit)

Hope It could help you, too.

Leaf Audio Amanero Combo 384

This daughter board has very high potential as it support various packages of TCXO. Which means we could upgrade TCXO from generic 2.5ppm SMD to ultra precise 0.1ppm TCXO. Amanero.png

Originally, the daughter board was designed to using with Leaf Audio DSD1796/1792 DAC. Using with other DAC is possible but rewiring is needed

Leaf Audio DSD1796


SMPCB 20 pin XMOS daughter board (Pin 20 as F0)



This daughter board using in SMPCB AK4495 DAC and AK4118 receiver board. Probably not compatible with other DAC as Pin 8 is NC but in other DAC it has to be Ground.

SMPCB AK4118 receiver board


smpcb dac.PNG

Pin information

  1. Not Connected
  2. Not Connected
  3. DATA
  4. Base Clock (BCLK)
  6. Main Clock (MCLK)
  7. DSD On (0=PCM, 1=DSD)
  8. Not Connected
  9. Power out 3.3V max ? mA
  10. Power out 3.3V max ? mA
  11. Mute
  12. Not Connected
  13. Ground
  14. Ground
  15. Ground
  16. Not Connected
  17. Not Connected
  18. F2
  19. F1
  20. F0

DSD On and F0-F2 sampling rate table


XMOS U8 10 Pins 


This daughter board is using in early version of Weiliang ES9018 DAC. As it uses Chinese SCTF TCXO crystal, sound quality is inferior than recent 20pin XMOS daughter boards that using SiTime or Crystrek. Owned once but sold it along with the DAC.

Pin information

  1. USB 5V (V Bus)
  2. USB Data –
  3. USB Data +
  4. XMOS
  5. Ground
  6. Ground
  7. LR Clock, FS Clock
  8. Data
  9. Base Clock (BCLK)
  10. Main Clock (MCLK)